The Brand

Jack Daniel’s became the official marketing sponsor of the NBA in January 2017. This partnership proved highly valuable, pairing two of America’s beloved pastimes- basketball and whiskey.

The Challenge

While this partnership was major news in the marketing world, Jack Daniels wanted this news widespread to its NBA consumers. Jack Daniels tasked MVA with creating a unique experiential tour activation that would spread news of this partnership to their consumers, while immersing them in Jack Daniel’s culture.

The Solution

Using an interactive approach, MVA activated at Daylight MGM by filling the entire pool with hundreds of inflatable branded basketballs, including one giant 6-foot basketball and designing a custom Jack Daniels hoop in the shape of a 7 for patrons to shoot their best 3-pointers. This amazing custom basketball experience quickly turned into some of the best instagrammable moments as consumers recorded themselves diving into the endless sea of Jack Daniel’s basketballs. MVA created this special experience that so that consumers could not only physically interact with the brand but could also see first hand the exciting new partnership with the NBA and Jack Daniels. Adding to the experience, MVA provided branded misting fans and towels to keep consumers cool and safe during this hot outdoor event. Topping off the activation, MVA hosted NBA Legend Horace Grant, creating a once in a lifetime opportunity for guests to get signatures, take photos, and drink shots of Jack Daniels with an iconic basketball player. From 6-foot basketballs to memorable moments with an NBA icon, MVA provided a crowd pleasing event that guests will never forget.

NBA Summer League pillows at Jack Daniel’s NBA Summer League
Two ladies by the pool at Jack Daniel’s NBA Summer League
Hores Grant at Jack Daniel’s NBA Summer League

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