The Brand

As a leader in the Energy Drink Arena, Red Bull has dominated the market through revolutionary ideas and strategic marketing. Created in 1987, Red Bull has progressively pushed the boundaries in the action-sport industry through experiential marketing techniques.

The Challenge

To create the most recognized experiential activation at the Phoenix Waste Management Open.

The Solution

MVA strategized and designed an iconic activation for Red Bull by creating an experience labeled “The Greenest Show on Grass”. The Greenskeeper section quickly took over as the most popular area. MVA built custom bar assets, drink menus, and a photo experience with a golf inspired twist that shocked their consumers.  The bar was stocked with a variety of Red Bulls flavors, but the signature cocktail labeled “The People’s Drink” was most impressive. This craft cocktail was a hole-in-one consisting of Red Bull Coconut Berry, Kettle One Vodka, Pineapple Aloe Vera Juice, and Lime creating the perfect mix for a hot, summer day.

In addition to the drinks, what stood out most was Red Bull’s  photo activation wall.

The wall consisted of grass and was lit with red neon lights reading “Greenskeeper” where guests took photos in front of three custom crafted golf balls sitting on tees standing at 5-feet tall. Consumers were instructed to knock on the golf balls and to their surprise a secret compartment opened where a golf gloved hand reached out to offer them a classic Red Bull.

This well crafted wall and Red Bull surprise quickly became the most talked about and instagrammable moment in the Greenskeeper.

Through flawless execution and creative ideas, MVA was able to elevate Red Bull’s consumer experience and left a lasting impression that was on par.

Red Bull Can
Red Bull Event Sign
Red Bull Greenskeepers Sign
Ketel One bar
Red Bull coller
DJ playing in front of a large crowd

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