The Brand

As a leader in Global Luxury Eyewear, Ray-Ban has been pushing the boundaries with its new style ad campaign “Proud To Belong”. As part of the Luxottica Group, Ray-Ban makes up for more than half of sunglass sales for the massive Italian manufacturer.

The Challenge

Ray-Ban tasked MVA with designing an interactive booth at the Vision East Expo in New York that pushed their new “Proud To Belong” campaign by integrating 3 focal points of NYC culture into one interactive experience: The Home, Subway, and Coney Island.

The Solution

From design to production, MVA created NYC in a brilliant 3-part interactive experience that ties together the comforts of home, the bustling subway and the world-renowned Coney Island in a way that was truly ingenious. Beginning with the “Home” section, our team designed a custom NYC inspired living room that served as a photo experience, as well as a showcase for Ray-Ban’s newest collection. Complete with cozy couches, a candle lit fireplace, and a kids corner, this opening section allowed consumers an escape from the VEE exhibit showroom into a comforting, at-home environment.

As they journey into the “Subway”, consumers were happily shocked as they entered a room transformed into a staple of NYC. From floor to ceiling, MVA designed and produced NYC’s iconic subway, complete with subway benches, railings, overhead advertisements, and doors. Even more impressive, MVA integrated an amazing new technology into the room by using special mirror TVs that magically put the consumer’s glasses of choice on their reflection that allowed them to try before they buy hands free. Not only did the Subway room provide shock and awe, but also a chance to learn more about yourself and how one belongs to the brand.

The Coney Island portion was last but certainly not least. MVA constructed a wooden boardwalk from scratch where the consumer could walk alongside the fun-filled roller coaster known to all Coney Island fans while viewing Ray-Ban’s newest campaign graphics. A fully functional print setup was also included in this area to give consumers a complimentary custom tote that left a lasting impression.

In immersing consumers in this amazing 360 experience, MVA was happy to work alongside Ray-Ban to create this fun and informative long-lasting impression.

Ray Ban Show Booth
Ray Ban Kids Room
Ray Ban Show Room
Ray Ban Event - New York Subway Station Photo

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